Right Before

RIGHT BEFORE Magazine is business and inspiration magazine focusing on the grit and hard work of individuals determined to succeed. RIGHT BEFORE is meant to be a community of individuals who will share the inspirational stories RIGHT BEFORE they happen, regardless of the ending. The people we feature are not millionaires. Some of the people do not even know if they will ultimately reach their goals, yet all of them are taking the active steps and pushing towards them.

We believe in fighting for economic equality through empowerment, literacy, resources, and inspiration. There is a growing need for an action plan to come into place and RIGHT BEFORE is really just the beginning of a larger plan of action. We want to raise awareness for the growing demographic of hard-working, persevering entrepreneurs and “shakers”. What is next is for these influential and successful individuals to come together for a financial and educational revolution.

Millennials are the most educated group in the history of this country, yet are most likely in a long time to be stuck living with their parents, facing an extremely high debt load, and making lower salaries compared to their education level. There are some groups in this country that lack the support or resources to even have a chance to make a difference. We could and should be striving for more. 

Remember this magazine is just RIGHT BEFORE.



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