Beauty and the beat

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By: Andrew Porter

Few students are actively living their life with as much purpose as 4th year University of Georgia student, Bianca Godwins. In a simple introduction, Godwins would tell you she’s a microbiology major from Kennesaw, Georgia.

She’d probably go on to talk about how she is the Vice President of African Student Union or how she’s both an LSAMP scholar and CURO scholar. If you were to talk with her a  little more , she might even let you know that she does all of this while working at the daycare on the Health Sciences campus and at Parking Services.

The average person with Godwins’ hand might fold out of a need for sanity and sleep. Godwins confessed to me that she gave up sleep around 2014.

Although she boasts a very impressive list of accomplishments, boastful is not an adjective you’d ever associate with her. She is kind, smart, and most importantly humble, especially about the one aspect of her life I left out—the fact that she does all this while running her own makeup artistry business.

Godwins traces her love for makeup back to when she was in high school and would wake up every morning at 5 am to spend an hour and a half to two hours doing her eye shadow. During high school, Godwins developed and led a women’s empowerment club called Bold & Beautiful where she would teach 22 young women how to do their makeup and carry themselves as women.

At age 16 Godwins had already found her passion by doing two things she loves: makeup and empowering women. “I love that I’m able to translate my vision and my passion through making another woman feel beautiful,” she said.

Makeup wasn’t her only talent though. Godwins maintained strong academics throughout high school because she never would allow herself to lose sight of her dream of becoming a pediatrician and opening a primary care office in Nigeria and other third world countries.

Godwins doesn’t believe in letting words like either and or limit her capabilities.

““My passion for the arts and for makeup artistry has the same foundation as my passion for medicine . Even though they are two completely different career choices, you still have the foundation of being able to service someone else and that’s what I love—that’s what I feel is part of my purpose.” 

You’d never know it talking to her, but Godwins considers herself to be an introvert. It was that spirit that initially tried to keep her from letting the world see her talent.

“Fear is so debilitating if you don’t have the courage to really step out of the box,” she said. Godwins took the leap of faith and never looked back, crediting her close friends and loved ones with helping her promote her talents through word of mouth and social media alike.

Now it isn’t fear that stands in her way, but lack of hours in the day. A typical week for Godwins features her attending class in the morning and going to work every day in the evening, alternating between the daycare and Parking Services.

To keep herself sharp, she wakes up early to try to catch up on what she didn’t get to study the night before. Thursday through Saturday is business as usual.

Godwins heads to Atlanta every Friday and travels throughout the city and metropolitan area, wherever her clients need her to be. At the end of the weekend, she comes back to Athens on Sunday and starts the cycle all over again.

One weekend when business was booming, she even made four trips back and forth between Athens and Atlanta in three days. I’m sure here is where Godwins would like me to note that gas is indeed included in her fee.

With a hectic schedule like that, Godwins has had to make some sacrifices. She misses hanging out in between classes or attending weekend parties; however, she knows that there are certain choices she must make to achieve her dreams and aspirations.

Godwins is currently applying to grad schools and hopes to start her masters in biomedical sciences in the fall and medical school the following year. Godwins is a woman on a mission and doesn’t plan on letting anything or anyone stop her from achieving greatness.

“I’m showing women and girls that there is no such thing as limit. You do not have to be limited to being a lawyer, a doctor, or a beautician. We place the limit on ourselves when there is no such thing as that.”

Godwins’ ultimate dream is to become a pediatrician and work 9-4 on Monday through Thursday so that on weekends she can open her own beauty bar and salon. She specifically wants to use her background in science to help give makeup services to girls with cancer.

Godwins has a plan and is already living a purpose driven life. She takes on the tough task of performing two trades on completely opposite ends of the spectrum and has found a middle ground that not only makes her happy, but allows her to bring happiness and beauty to the lives of others.

“There are different levels of beauty, but most important is self-love.Once you love yourself on both the inside and the outside too, that’s when beauty really shines through.”

Godwins is always accepting of new clients. You can see her work on her site and social media pages:|IG: _b.loved|Twitter: @x_borntosucceed|


Kenneth Duncan is the founder of Right Before and a regular contributor. He focuses on the education of financial literacy in underprivileged communities.

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