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Ify…JustIfy…In some way the two names are completely synonymous in nature. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But if that’s the case a brand is worth a million.  Ify is everything that Right Before Success stands for, sharing the journey of his struggles and triumph with those close to him. Ify Imachukwu would prefer to let the brand speak for itself, but I was excited to have a chance to sit down with him and summarize some of his thoughts. 

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20161110_205851Right Before Justify:

Ify is definitely no stranger to doubters and non-believers. While his parents (an attorney and PhD) are a supportive voice, that is rare in the black community.  There is a constant struggle to find validation for the work his does, because those around us normally do not realize as it happens. In his posts, it is easy to identify him as “Right Before success” because he recognizes his growth and always pays homage to where he comes from.

In his world, “time is worth more than money and influence is worth more than time.” So many people come and go from Ify’s life and can not last the entire journey. He is RIGHT BEFORE success, yet you would not know it based on his humble demeanor and small circle. Those that stay are worth celebrating through his posts and his energy.

Ify notes that many people take advantage of the time he invests and others wasting every minute. Ify wants his entire brand to be known as something that always has a purpose. Even when it first started, he envisioned it being something more than money. In fact money isn’t a goal at all. He comes from some money, has seen money come in, but dreams of more for his people.

It’s more than selling clothes. It’s about influencing others to be more empowered, more willing to step outside their comfort zones. To be a voice to the people. Justifying your purpose, establishing yourself, and being who you are. Clothing was always a secret desire of his, but his passion has been there since a young age. A love for your passion and something that resonates. That is why his brand has grown to over 20,000 followers! Pure, genuine, authentic.

A lot of shade. A lot of hate. Be with people who want you to win. – Ify on starting a business



“Success is failure inside out. The silver tints of the clouds of doubt” – Don’t Quit

For every 10 people that doubt you, you only need one there to believe in you. As men, often times it is easy to feel that you can embark on a journey alone. Lonely journeys are not sustainable with everything else weighing you down in life. For every follower, every addition on social media, and every thank you…you inspire and empower us more than “we” can ever fully appreciate.

Shout out to Nia and Semaj representing everything that Just-Ify stands for. His resilience and ability to adapt to the people around him makes him such a powerful leader. Ify is a person that believes in himself and is not afraid to let people in that will be supportive. Right Before Magazine is all about drawing that support, making it more consistent. A brand ambassador is more than just a person to represent your brand. They represent everything you stand for and carry your vision further than you personally can. For somebody to believe in you as much as you believe in yourself. When I look at a picture of Nia in her clothing or Semaj playing for the OKC Thunder. You start to see how humble beginnings can grow to so much more.

Ify is an inspiration already to many people. His brother, a student at Yale inspires him and seeing his success I am inspired by him. He keeps a small circle around him full of supportive and loyal people. The girls on his posts are all a part of a much bigger push to always stay humble and genuine. Right Before he reaches his success, he brings others along with him.

Ify’s Message to People:

  1. Don’t let everyone tell you what you can or can’t do
  2. Put your all into anything you truly care about. Winning is doing what you love to do. Careers are just something to get you paid. Do what you dream for.
  3. Through so much adversity and obstacles. Never give up.

We all desire for more. We all dream big, but how many of us dedicate our lives’ to our actual passions? There’s a quote by somebody saying, “you are what you do, and not what you say”. Choose your words wisely and let your brand speak for you.


Follow him at @justifybrand on Twitter or @ifyimachukwu on IG


Kenneth Duncan is the founder of Right Before and a regular contributor. He focuses on the education of financial literacy in underprivileged communities.

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