Lashaya White wins inaugural Phenomenal Woman Scholarship

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“My summer in Barcelona was one of my most rewarding experiences. I was exposed to an entirely different culture that changed my outlook on the way I live life. There’s so much more to life then what we are all accustomed to so I truly hope that this experience will inspire YOU to become even more fearless and develop an international perspective on the world.” -Nia Hampton




Lashaya White

Lashaya is a Junior at the University of Georgia majoring in Finance. She is a recipient of the Cargill Scholarship, National Association of Black Accountants Scholarship, as well as many more awards. She is involved in campus with diverse organizations ranging from B.E.S.T to the Tate Leadership Scholars Program. In her free time, Lashaya volunteers with MathCounts, Designated Dawgs, and drives disability vans for UGA Transit. Her interests include Volleyball, Mentorship, Diversity, and Calligraphy.

What stood out about Lashaya are her various career ambitions and passion for helping others. She has aspirations to become a financial advisor and eventually start her own non-profit for educating underprivileged minority youth on financial literacy and the importance of money management. She will be traveling to South America for Terry Business School’s study abroad program and immersing herself in a culture in order to better provide for those individuals in the future. There are so many impressive people at the University and I have been blessed to meet some unbelievable candidates. Lashaya is an awesome choice to be our first scholarship winner and I cannot wait for it to become bigger and better year two.

From myself and Nia Hampton, we would like to congratulate you for all of your achievements thus far and for all you will accomplish in the future. -Kenneth Duncan
“I know that from my experience I’m no longer afraid of stepping outside my comfort zone and fully emerging myself in situations that are foreign to me, and I am so thankful for this because there are so many jewels to be discovered in this world! Right Before has given one lucky lady the opportunity to not only study abroad but to hopefully learn a lot about herself as well. I can only hope that your experience is as filled with joy, excitement and is as life changing as my summer in Spain.” -Nia Hampton

Kenneth Duncan is the founder of Right Before and a regular contributor. He focuses on the education of financial literacy in underprivileged communities.

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