Thank You


Love the site and  the mission, keep up the good work.

You’re definitely not the same Kenny I knew [my] Freshman year. You’re so much more…But I like it.

On a day of thanks there are so many people that come to mind.  When starting a project, one of the hardest parts is going through the beginning stages. Some of the people in my circle have helped to make the transition to adulthood possible.The people here during that phase are forever a part of the journey. I just wanted to take a second to say thank you.

To Nia, there are very few people that can do what you did. Your passion fueled me to pursue my passion. The desire to help others and build our communities was amplified by you bringing out the best in me. I always talk about unconditional support but you redefined what support looks like. Phenomenal woman is more than an idea to conceive, it’s a reality you showed often. I remember the day I first dreamed of this idea, in your room…middle of the day. Now the idea is a reality. Thank you!

To Austin, how many people have a best friend, a brother, and a business partner in one? You are probably the biggest asset that I have personally, professionally, and motivationally (I know it’s not a word)

To Justine, you’re an inspiration. I know how hard it is to work hard for something you believe in. Just keep pushing and I definitely believe you’ll reach every goal you set.

To Andrew, I entered into your arena and your domain. There is no better person to have as my LB. Thanks for being a resource and a supportive ear. I am thankful for you today bruh. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. See you on December 16 man.

DBlock, you’re always there to talk to. Don’t really ever say nothing but I know I can count on you. Short and sweet. You’ve always had my back.

To the people who have read this article, any article, thank you. Right Before Magazine is in a position where it is here to stay and better today than it was yesterday. Keep giving feedback, remember that this project was never for personal gain but rather to build us all up. Strive to share your story, whether here or in your personal lives. I promise you it’s worth it. I am thankful for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!!