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Journey with Blue Episode I

Hi, I’m Michelle Blue, when I was 22, just two weeks after I graduated college, I
made the biggest…and probably the craziest decision of my life. Instead of going
into a job, like the last four years of college had prepared me for, I decided on a
completely different path…I launched my business, Bené, full time. Inspired from a study abroad trip to Ghana, Bené is a luxury scarf company committed to educating girls around the world,
Like I said…pretty crazy. I had no clue of what I was doing but I had a bigger desire to be true to myself and the confidence that I could figure it out. Of course, easier said than done.
Over the last four years of growing my business, I’ve met some incredibly
inspiring people along the way. People who too, weren’t taking any excuses and
dared to go for their dreams. Myself, like many other entrepreneurs, have an
untold story. The story of ‘The Journey’, of what it really takes, as we build and
make our dreams a reality. So, I figured, why not tell the unseen entrepreneurial
story, before the fame and the fortune…for the beauty lies within ‘The Journey’.


Kenneth Duncan is the founder of Right Before and a regular contributor. He focuses on the education of financial literacy in underprivileged communities.

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