Right Before Success: The Name is Jade Jones

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Unless they’re making plays for you, running by your side, or paying you, it’s “all talk.”

I met Jade Jones about two years ago, couldn’t forget the day. We had spoken through text through a mutual friend, but there were just so many more layers than words could reveal. While she is beautiful on first glance, her compassion, intellect, passion, and creativity make her an unstoppable force. She is truly Right Before her Success, no doubt. I do not think you could find a woman in Atlanta working as hard to stand up above the crowd.

This interview is for all musicians, artists, and people who just grind. Jade will teach you life’s hardest lessons with the sweetest words. I joke that she is “ultra quotable” but also so easy to relate to. While others may take a break after some of her accomplishments, she just keeps on pressing. Check out what she had to say about her rise below.

Q: Jade, thank you for meeting with me. I think your interview can and will be so inspirational to a host of musicians and artists that are looking for a real life peek into a musicians journey. Can you give me a brief overview of what it is you do on a day-to-day basis with in your work?
A: My day-to-day: I wake up and answer all of my makeup clients’ emails and sort through different beats from producers. Every day for me is different because I run my own makeup business. It gives me the opportunity to create my own schedule. I may have rehearsal with my band, practice singing at home on my personal equipment, record my own music at home, or I might be running around doing makeup for models and TV personalities. On the weekends I do makeup for big wedding parties. Indian weddings are my favorite.

My days might each be different, but no matter what I’m doing, I’m always exercising my creativity.

Q: What’s your “superpower”? I always ask a question like this because I think it is important for people to think deeper within themselves and to understand their true gifts and talents.
A: I believe my superpower is versatility. I’m extremely competitive (with myself) and I feel like anything I’m interested in trying comes easy to me. I strive to be good/great at as many things as I can. I’ve been blessed to have success in all of the endeavors I’ve dabbled in. It’s like, when I speak it into the universe, somehow the opportunities always knock at my door. At that point it’s up to me to kill it.

Q: What would you say most motivates you to do what you do?
A: I have always had a passion for singing and lighting up the room. Proving to my family that I can have success in my dreams is my utmost greatest motivation. I love creating songs – from writing, to recording myself, and just building my catalog alone. I always try my hardest to create songs actually want to hear. I don’t care about just recording songs… I really want them to be dope. I strive make songs that I hope chicks (and dudes) would stumble upon and be like, “Who is this?!!!”

People are going to sell you so many dreams and tell you so many things and if you take them too literal it will slow you down too much

Q: What are you most excited or passionate about with this career path?
A: I’m excited about the unknown. I’m excited every day about the fact that I could end up being something even greater than I could imagine or hope for. I’m extremely passionate about spreading positivity, the stuff I’ve learned through my church, and being a great role model. When it comes to the way I present myself and what I bring to the table, I’m a natural-born leader. I always have been. 

Q:What are the goals you most want to accomplish in your work? Not so much the goals that are in your job description, but the goals you hold personally?
A: I want my music to be presented and published on the biggest platforms that exist. I want to inspire Latina and Black girls like myself to move closer to their dreams every day. “If Jade can do it, I can too!” I want them to tap in. I want to be recognized and remembered for such. I also want to be recognized by the people from my hometown, Houston, as well as the city I’ve been raised in, Atlanta.

I want to know what it feels like to live in a world I completely created.

Q:Did you have any key mentors or people who deeply influenced who you are, what you believe in and what you’re committed to in your work and life? Role models?  Tell me about them.
A: My family has been extremely influential. My dad taught me how to hustle and have integrity and my mom always taught me to be proud of who I am and to not be afraid of what others will say. My sister always keeps it real with me when it comes to my work ethic and my music. She’s the one who is going to tell me what no one else will. As a kid, Selena heavily influenced me because she started in Texas and is Mexican, like me. She had such contagious energy and she was sexy without trying. Everyone was so attracted to her energy – not to mention her star quality. I look up to artists like Rihanna and Beyonce so much because this industry can be dark sometimes and for those ladies to continue evolving and bettering their artistry, people have to understand that it takes a hell of a strong woman to reach that pinnacle.

Q: What are the lessons for someone like you that has similar interests?
A: People are going to sell you so many dreams and tell you so many things and if you take them too literally it will slow you down so much. If you have an undeniable passion for something and you practice at it, you will become better and better. Don’t talk about what you’re going to do – just do it and be undeniable when you get your shot. Take people’s advice lightly because you know yourself best. Only take advice from someone who has lived it or with whom you’d trade places.

Q: If you could do this project over again, would you do anything differently?  Why, and what would you do?
A: I think as artists, we’re so critical of ourselves and if I really could do it over, I would’ve done a couple of different things. However, at the same time, if I kept stressing about what more to do or change I would’ve never put [my art] out. I’m such a perfectionist and there’s so much I never dropped in the past because I kept holding on.

Q: If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for you in this role, what did we achieve together                                               A: We’d be celebrating my recognition as an artist, the support in sales of my music, and some speaking roles in television and film. W


Q: What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome when starting your career?
A:When you don’t know much about what you’re getting into, you will take everyone’s words very literally. People will tell you anything. Unless they’re making plays for you, running by your side, or paying you, it’s “all talk.”

Q: Describe the lessons you learned from your challenges?
A:When you’re seasoned, you will learn how vital it is to become a player with value. You’ll go from chasing other people to have everyone chasing you.

Q:When have you been most satisfied in your life?
A:One morning my music was playing on the radio at a huge pop station in Atlanta, Q100, and my mom told me she was pulling into work when she heard it and she was crying. I want to do so much more to make her cry… in a good way!

Q: What’s next for you in your work?  What are you looking forward to?
A:I’m constantly creating new music and new content and I hope to truly take it to a whole different level in the near future. I want to know what it feels like to live in a world I completely created. I want that next level of everything. I’m looking forward to saying I did “it” and not regretting having believed in myself more. Believing you can is half the battle. When you believe, you’re already halfway there. Truly. Showing up is half the job.

Only take advice from someone who has lived it or with whom you’d trade places.

Jade Jones has lived it…and this is just the beginning. I can’t wait to keep up with her journey Right Before she finds success. If you have ever considered a career or a pursuit of the arts, think about taking advice from someone who has lived it…You won’t regret it.

Check her out on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/thenameisjade-1 and on IG @thenameisjade

Kenneth Duncan is the founder of Right Before and a regular contributor. He focuses on the education of financial literacy in underprivileged communities.

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